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Nikon D800 Digital Camera Review

The Nikon D800started off a very exciting time in every full frame shooters life. This Camera is ahead of its time and it was one that was widely used by photographers all over the world. As a photographer myself, I would just like to point out how amazing the quality of the photos are when taken with this camera. Nikon say it themselves that ‘every photo will astound’ and they got it 100% right because I have snapped some amazing photos that only this camera would allow me to take.

nikon d800 digital camera review

Nikon D800

Before I get into the technology side of it one of my favourite and most practical features that this camera has is the ability to switch to hybrid mode, which allows me to record full HD videos. One of my latest clients was a big photobook company and they wanted me to take shots of them creating a photo book, so I did and they were amazed by the quality.

Shutter Speed

As you would only expect the best from Nikon this is exactly what you get from the Nikon D800 as it uses an electronically controlled vertical- travel plane. This plane has allowed the shutter speeds to increase to 1/8000 to 30 seconds. This is one of the highest on the market, which allows you to get more high quality photos taken quicker. I have also put this shutter speed to the test by snapping a fast paced American football match and the pictures were great.

Nikons different shutter speed modes:

  • Continuous low-speed; 1-4 frames per second
  • Continuous High-speed; 4 frames per second
  • Self-timer
  • Quiet Shutter Release
  • Mirror-up
  • Single frame


Although shutter speed is great for shooting fast paced things but it all comes down to quality for my clients so this is all about the pixels. This camera holds the highest amount of pixels in any camera so far. This figure is . . . 36.3 million pixels and for those who don’t understand that figure is extraordinary and this is what allows you to take those high quality pictures.

In my eyes the Nikon D800 is the best camera on the market as it allows you constantly take high quality pictures.


Most cameras do have some sort of storage problem but these can usually be fixed however the Nikon D800 does not need any fixing because its perfect. Nikon have taken into consideration what everyone is saying about camera storage and implemented it in the D800. This means you can now have other storage devices and not your typical SD Card including a SDHC Card, SDXC Card and a compact flash.

Picture Control

Again you would expect this camera to have the usual picture controls, however Nikon have developed it further by allowing you to have more control over the pictures you take. Including:

  • Customizable settings for the user
  • Monochrome
  • Vivid
  • Portrait
  • Neutral
  • Landscape
  • Standard

You can get Nikon D800with a hefty discount on Amazon.

These are just my favourite features of my favourite camera, but if you have anything to add, please comment below.