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Novation I Make Synth Jams Starter Pack Giveaway

UPDATE: the giveaway is over, but you can still check out all these cool Novation gear.

Are you a musician who desperately needs new gear? Then this Novation giveaway is for you. The “I Make Synth Jams” starter pack has everything you need to start recording your music and you can get it for free by just entering your name and email here.

What’s in the Pack?

Novation giveaway

The giveaway pack consist of:

  • Novation Circuit – a synth with everything you need to start. Use it for creating rhythm, beats, and work with digital polyphonic Nova synth lines.
  • Novation Bass Station II – if you’re serious about writing and recording music, a bass station is a must. This one from Novation has everything you need and it includes lots of analogue noise.
  • Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 – this little piece of USB magic is what you need if you want to record and not just play your music. Connect Focusrite Scarlett to your computer, connect some gear, open your music software and start recording! It has 8 inputs, which is enough for later on when you expand. The cool bit is that Scarlett 6i6 can work as a standalone tool once it’s set up, so you won’t even need to turn your laptop on to make some music.
  • Two KRK Rockit 5 Monitors – these beauties are great for HEARING what you’re playing and recording. Get rid of your headphones, plug the monitors into your laptop and enjoy all the little details of your sound that you’ve been missing.