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Personal Computer Fixes: The Place for PC Error Fix Tutorials

Sooner or later this happens to every PC user – you get a nasty popup with an error message and something on your computer stops working. Worse still, you may get the dreaded Windows Stop error commonly known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). When this happens, most people panic and often become victims of registry cleaner scams or do something that ruins their Windows installation even further. But there is a better way to DIY fix complicated Windows errors – go to, find the right tutorial and follow the steps in it. It’s as easy as that.



FEATURES: 5/5[/box]

Overview is a blog that publishes PC and Mac error fix tutorials. There are nearly 800 articles on the websites and it’s updated with new tutorials and how-to articles every week.

Features has lots of categories that make it easy for users to find the tutorials they need. These categories include:

  • driver error fixes
  • DLL error fixes
  • general Windows error fixes
  • tutorials to fix .exe errors
  • game error fixes
  • and more

The articles on the website are very well researched and, unlike some blogs, provides tested working fixes for common computer problems. For example, here is a really great “Application failed to initialize” error fix tutorial.

Ease of Use is very intuitive and the Search feature works great if you need to find a fix for a specific errors. Browsing the website’s categories is also very easy. As for the tutorials, they are all written in plain English and are easy to follow even if you are a newby.

[box]The Verdict: is a great website to find Windows and Mac error fix tutorials and fix common computer problems without the help of a technician.[/box]