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Peruvian Odyssey Review: Discover Unknown Peru

Travelling abroad is always both exciting and challenging at the same time, especially if you are travelling to a country that is very different from where you live and where the majority doesn’t really speak English. That’s when the choice of your travel agent really matters. I’ve been thinking about going to Peru for a while, so I’ve been searching for interesting and unique tours that could really show me the unknown Peru. That’s how I found a company called Peruvian Odyssey. This company offers an amazing variety of really interesting Peru tours.

Peruvian Odyssey organizes luxury tours to famous things in Peru including Machu Pichu and Nazca Lines and the Amazonian, visit unique Andean communities or just have a luxury holiday in a cool, largely unknown location. In addition to that, they offer active holidays like walking the Salkantay treck to Machu Pichu or the Deluxe Inca Trail. Definitely sounds interesting.

What I like about Peruvian Odyssey is that you can either buy one of the packages they offer (they are really great packages), or tell the company your ideas and let them create a customized tour for you.

I haven’t booked a holiday with them yet, but they sure look like a company to bookmark and their tours look like a great way to explore Peru with the maximum comfort.