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Primovisto Review: Elegant Bamboo iPhone Cases

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If you are searching for a new iPhone 5 case, you will be spoilt for choice as brands and designers all rush to release their own collections. But what if you are tired of common plastic, leather and folio cases? Then you should consider a bamboo case.

There aren’t all that many options when it comes for bamboo cases. Have a look on Amazon and see for yourself. Primovisto bamboo cases for the iPhone 5 struck as interesting options. There is a choice of plain or engraved cases. The engraved designs are breathtaking and the level of detail and quality of finish look impressive. Both the plain and engraved cases are of good quality. A lot of people will find them attractive because of how they feel to the touch – something plastic cases simply can’t match.

[box]PrimovistoOVERALL: 4.5/5


DESIGN: 5/5[/box]

The Design

Being a music fan (and a bedroom DJ) I picked the DJ Larry Levan case from Primovisto and was not disappointed with my decision. The detail was excellent and the design was by Rey Oraa who is part of Primovisto’s in-house design team. You can find out more about the company’s designs in an interview with Ed Stack from Primovisto where he discusses some of the design processes at the company. The interview also includes the revelation that Frankie Knuckles who was a friend of Larry Levan contacted them and bought one of the cases… now that is seriously cool!

Larry Levan case

Larry Levan engraved iPhone case

The cover has a back case design providing protection across the back and sides of the handset. The cases are cut to fit the iPhone 5 and there is easy access to the buttons and features of the phone including the camera.

Attention to detail is maintained to the very end and the finish of the case is very high. The finish is described as “a traditional finish of hand-rubbed wood oils and wax coatings and some good old-fashioned manual labour”. This level of detail is something you do not see in the mass produced cases and scores this case extra points for the design.

The Extras

Alongside design there are a couple of additional extras that make this case stand out from the crowd. The engraved cases are released as limited editions which add a valuable air of exclusivity to the purchase. The Primovisto website has a Led Tracker function which allows you to see where the different cases have been bought and to help you ensure that you are the only one in town with the case! In addition to that, the bamboo offers a tough case and protection from falls and bumps. If you are very clumsy, you may need something more heavy duty, though.

The Price

In my opinion, the cases are very reasonably priced, especially since they are hand-finished, produced in an attractive natural material and available in limited editions. These factors easily justify the price (which it must be stated is not much higher than other cases and less than some brands). You can buy Primovisto cases in the UK at Covers and Cases as part of their iPhone 5 range.

[box]The Verdict: the Primovisto bamboo iPhone 5 case offers an elegant solution to the problem of protecting your phone. A fantastic case that will appeal to all design geeks and lovers of the unique and handmade.[/box]

Review by Ben – hunting down the best-looking gadgets with an emphasis on quality, design and the quirkiness!