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Protect Your Privacy with Wipe Expert 3: Review

So you have an anti-virus and you think that your computer is protected. Well, not quite. While having an anti-virus is essential, you need to make sure your identity doesn’t get stolen. Identity theft is becoming more and more common as more people use online banking, do their shopping on the Internet and store private information on their computers. In most cases identity theft happens because users are careless about how they store and delete their private files. While nobody would simply throw away your bank statement before shredding it, most people think that hitting the Delete key is enough. But that’s not so. If you want to make your deleted files truly unrecoverable, you need to use a file shredder like Wipe Expert 3.

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Wipe Expert 3 is a utility that combines a file shredder, a disk wiper and a history cleaner. That’s very handy, as the best way to protect your privacy is to use all three on a regular basis. The program has an easy to use interface which makes it suitable for everyone. Even if you’ve never used a file shredder before, you won’t have a problem using Wipe Expert 3.


When you open Wipe Expert 3, you get three options – shred files and folder, shred free disk space, and clean up Internet tracks. There is also an option to configure the program’s settings.

Main screen

Wipe Expert 3

When you select an option, a new window gets opened where you can easily perform the cleanup. For example, when you click on Shred Files & Folders, you can select the files or folders you want to shred. There is also an option to securely delete the contents of your Recycle Bin.

Shred files

Shred files

The rest is very straight-forward – all you need to do is follow the program’s prompts.

Same with wiping free disk space. The process is perfect for ensuring that already deleted files can’t be recovered even with the help of file recovery software.

Wipe Expert 3 can also securely delete Internet tracks, Windows temp files and temporary files left by popular applications. This helps you protect your privacy, as temporary files can contain information about your online accounts and sometimes even store your passwords. Deleting them with Wipe Expert is easy, quick and secure.

Wipe Expert’s settings allow you to configure various options, such as shredding algorithms, and schedule automatic cleanup.



Another useful feature that other file shredders lack is the Panic Button. If you are worried about other people staring at your screen for whatever reason (even something like playing games at work), you can hit a hotkey to activate the Panic Button. Depending on what action you configure in the settings, your active windows will either be closed or minimized.


We shredded some files with Wipe Expert 3 and deleted temporary files. The process was flawless and we couldn’t recover the files we deleted with file recovery software.

Ease of Use

Wipe Expert 3 is very easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. Shredding files and folders is as easy as clicking on the option you want and following instructions.