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RegAce Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer Review

It’s not a secret that most computer users are not satisfied with the speed and performance of their PCs. Perhaps that’s the reason why the Internet is cluttered with various computer speed up and optimization programs, especially registry cleaners.

There is a lot of controversy about registry cleanup and repair software. Some people say it’s necessary to clean the registry while others insist that registry cleanup is dangerous and can harm computers. Both opinions are correct. Yes, registry cleanup can increase computer speed and yes, some registry cleaners can damage your Windows operating system beyond repair. That’s why it’s so important to find a good, solid registry cleaner that doesn’t implement dangerous optimization techniques. RegAce Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer seems to be one of the good ones.

RegAce is a piece of software that has been around for a while. At first it was just a basic registry cleaner that could fix the most common registry problems such as ActiveX issues, file association issues, missing MUI references and other typical registry cleanup categories. But not long ago RegAce was completely overhauled and had some cool new features added to it. Let’s have a closer look.

RegAce Features

RegAce Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer now fully lives up to its name. In addition to its registry repair functionality, the program now includes a registry defragmenter, a system cleaner, an Internet optimizer, a startup manager and a Windows service manager. Basically, now it includes all the features needed to optimizer and speed up your PC except a disk defragmentation utility.

The registry cleaner that is included in RegAce is a pretty comprehensive one. It can find and repair errors in the following categories:

  • Windows installer errors
  • ActiveX errors
  • dll errors
  • runtime errors
  • invalid shortcuts
  • missing MUI references
  • font errors
  • unused file extensions
  • empty registry keys
  • and more

This is a standard set of registry cleanup features for most registry cleaners. We’ve tested RegAce Registry Cleaner on our Windows 7 system and the program found 603 errors. This is a reasonable, “safe” number of registry errors to be detected by a registry cleaner.

RegAce scan


As you can see, most of them were empty registry keys. Fixing all errors automatically removed them all and resulted in a noticeable speed improvement.

RegAce System Cleaner is a handy tool that  lets you remove browser cache files and temporary system files. It works similarly to the Windows built-in disk cleaner, but it can detect and remove more junk files. This allows to free up space and speed up computer performance.

RegAce System Cleaner

Deleting junk files with RegAce was flawless and worked well.

RegAce Internet Optimizer is a brand new feature included in the software. This feature is supposed to optimize default Internet connection settings to fit your hardware and your connection plan. We ran Internet Optimizer on our system and were prompted to reboot to complete the optimization. We did just that. Unfortunately, we didn’t notice any improvement in Internet connection speed. But that’s OK because at least RegAce didn’t screw anything up (many of Internet optimizers do). What we didn’t like was that there was no message or anything upon reboot so there was no easy way of telling whether RegAce did anything or not.

RegAce Internet Optimizer

RegAce Service Manager is another brand new feature introduced in the latest version of the program. This feature allows users to optimize running services and disable the services they don’t need. A feature like this can be handy because it allows to free up system resources. But usually there is a problem with features like that – they are really difficult to use and require advanced knowledge of how Windows works. That’s not the case with RegAce, though. We were pleasantly surprised by the approach of the developers. Basically, less experienced users are invited to click on the Optimize button and choose a usage profile that describes what they use their PC for. Based on that selection, RegAce offers a list of services to disable. All this can be done quickly and easily, in just one click. More advanced users can disable and enable services one by one based on their own experience and expertise.

RegAce Service Manager

RegAce Defragmenter is, unfortunately, not a disk defrag utility. However, it performs a task that’s very important too. It’s believed that the Windows registry becomes fragmented, especially after you perform registry cleanup and a lot of keys are deleted from the registry. This results in bits of free space scattered all over the registry. As a result, your computer becomes slower on startup because the registry is fully kept in the RAM. RegAce Defragmenter defrags the registry on Windows reboot and gets rid of fragmentation.

RegAce defragmenter

We ran the tool and rebooted the test computer. Again, no report was given, which is not very nice. But startup became a bit faster, so the software must have worked.

RegAce Startup Manager is another important feature that can greatly increase computer speed. Basically, this feature allows the user to manage the list of startup items in a quick and easy way. Simple, but effective.

RegAce startup manager

Ease of use

We found RegAce Registry Cleaner & PC Optimizer very easy to use. Its interface is bright and very intuitive. All the features are quickly accessible and explanations are given when necessary. This makes the software a good choice for less experienced computer users.


RegAce has some handy options, such as a task scheduler and an Ignore list. There is also a backup functionality and a setting that makes RegAce create a system restore point before performing any actions. This is very important because a lot of similar programs neglect backups and don’t offer any solution in case something goes wrong.


RegAce comes with a free trial that doesn’t have a time restriction, but rather restricts the usage of most of its features. The full version costs $29.95. You can download RegAce here.

The Verdict: we found RegAce a pretty good computer speedup and optimization program. It did its job well and its new features work. The only dubious feature is the Internet Optimizer that didn’t seem to have had any effect whatsoever.