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Saeco Philips Minuto Comparative Review: Pure (HD8765/47) vs Focus (HD8775/48)

There are two Saeco automatic espresso machines that look very similar: Saeco Minuto Pure (HD8765/47) and Saeco Philips Minuto Focus (HD8775/48). If you ask if there is a difference, the answer is ‘Yes’. And it’s not only the price.

They have almost identical body design and construction. But Saeco Philips Minuto Focus is much more functional. However, if you don’t need all these extra functions, Saeco Pure Automatic could still be a good choice.

saeco minuto

What they have in common

First of all, I will briefly explain what is identical indeed:

  • Both Saeco HD8775/48 and HD8765/47 are espresso machines. Moreover, they both are automatic espresso machines. That means that they will get you a cup of espresso in one touch.
  • However, they are not ‘fully automatic’ or ‘super automatic’ since they both have manual milk frother. It is a steam wand on the left, also called panarello. You need to froth the milk manually and add the milk manually to espresso to get cappuccino!
  • Both have removable brewing group. That means that that you can easily eject and wash it. The flip side is that you NEED to wash it every week or two and also lubricate it (usually one lubrication per 300-500 cups).
  • They have identical ceramic grinders. Yes, ceramic, that’s 100% true despite some myths and you can check official specifications of both models on official Philips Saeco website. Both have 5 steps adjustable setting of the grinder, it is typically enough for home use.
  • Both machines tend to brew espresso with a more bitter taste and the temperature of the drink is a bit lower than on other espresso machines. That’s key characteristics of all Saeco machines.

Conical burrs and taste profile, which are described above, are typical to any Saeco’s espresso machine. If you don’t like it, then you should choose among Delonghi’s models – differences between brands are described in this article.

Also, since both models are the part of ‘Saeco Minuto’ series they are placed in the same ‘cubical’ body which is noteworthy for its large tanks for water (1.8 l) and coffee waste (averagely 15 servings) and the big maximum cup height (152 mm = 6″). That means that you can place high glasses for latte macchiato under coffee dispenser!

Saeco minuto pure

Saeco Minuto Pure – the simplified espresso machine

But what’s the difference?

On default settings, both machines will make an identical cup of coffee. However, Saeco Philips Minuto Focus (HD8775/48) is an upgraded version of Saeco Pure (HD8765/47). First of all, the first one has more adjustments:

  1. You can regulate coffee strength. Minuto Focus has 5 settings, while Pure has none
  2. You can regulate the temperature of the drink: 3 levels on Minuto Focus, none on Pure. Nevertheless, as I mentioned above in this review any Delonghi will make even hotter coffee.

Moreover, Saeco Philips Minuto can work with ground coffee and – what is more important – it has a special recipe for cafe Americano. If you move the coffee switch, the machine lowers the pressure to imitate filter brewing.

saeco minuto focus


Saeco Pure Automatic Espresso Machine HD8765/47 would a reasonable choice for classic espresso and cappuccino drinkers. If you don’t want your coffee to be especially hot, and you can deal with the fact that you cannot change almost anything except beans and grind level – that’s a good choice. Basic espresso on factory settings would be the same on both machines.

Saeco Philips Minuto Focus HD8775/48. I would recommend this machine for those of you who like to test different types of coffee beans and want to make fine tunings of his/her espresso. Also it definitely the right choice for families with both espresso and classic long coffee drinkers. But if you drink only long coffee it’s better to choose Grind&Brew filter machine (as I said Saeco only imitates the filter coffee).

This is a guest post written by Dmitriy Yurchenko, espresso enthusiast, blogger, and coffee machine reviewer. You can check his reviews at