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Sell Your Broken Car with Sell the Car USA

Sell damaged car

Image via Sell the Car USA

I have a friend who moved to the USA about a year ago. He loved it there but only one thing bothered him and that was driving on the wrong side of the road. Anyway, he bought a car and got used to it pretty quickly. Or so he thought.

Not long ago he was driving home from a gig (he’s a musician). He didn’t know the road very well and it was dark. To cut a long story short, he couldn’t handle a sharp turn and the car ended up in a ditch. Luckily, my friend wasn’t hurt at all. I couldn’t say the same about the car. The mechanic said that it wasn’t worth even trying to repair. My friend decided to sell his wrecked car but he hadn’t had much luck until he found a website called Sell the Car USA.

Sell the Car buys cars in any condition. And they pay more than a fair price too. They would buy anything – damaged cars, cars that had been in nasty accidents, non-runners, wrecked cars. You get the idea. They offer free evaluation, free pickup and they make the payment when they collect the vehicle. There are absolutely no hidden charges because they pay exactly as much as they quote. Sell the Car USA are happy to buy cars, SUVs and even trucks that you can’t really sell to anyone else.

So, if you have a damaged non-runner, head over to and get a quote online. That’s what my friend did and he’s really pleased with the outcome.