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“Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy” Review

Anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spyware programs, network monitors and so on – these are just a handful of programs we install on our computers to protect them from malware and online threats. But is it enough? The answer is “No”. You can install dozens of security programs, but if you don’t understand the basic principles of computer security and have no idea how different types of infections work, you don’t stand a chance. Add to that elaborate online scams, online fraud and identity theft crimes and you will realize how difficult it is to keep your PC or Mac safe. Luckily, now there is a book that explains how to stay safe online in plain English – Shields Up: Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy.

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“Shields Up!” is an easy to understand guide that shows Windows and Mac users how to make their computers more secure and how to stay safe online. Here is what the book covers:

  • different types of malware and how they work
  • all known types of online threats and how to avoid them
  • protecting a home network from intruders
  • how to detect and counter hacker attacks
  • how to fight spam
  • how to remove common infections, such as the Google redirect virus
  • and more…

The best thing about this book is that it’s written in such a way that even less experienced computer users will be able to understand it and follow instructions. It’s also good that the book doesn’t include lengthy musings or explanations of unrelated things. When the author makes a certain point, she doesn’t waste the reader’s time.

The advice given in “Shields Up!” is easy to implement by home users. There are no recommendations that are only possible in a corporate environment and software recommended by the author is either free or very affordable. Another good thing is that every single bit of instructions is illustrated in color, which will help users know what their screen should look like when they are implementing a change to their system.

Another advantage of “Shields Up!” is that the book doesn’t concentrate solely on protecting Windows PCs, but also provides valuable security advice for Mac users, as well as iPhone and Android users. Mac is believed to be a secure system as it is, but security experts predict Mac viruses emerging in the next couple of years. That’s why it’s important for Mac users to stay alert and pay attention to what’s going on in the computer security world.

“Shields Up! Complete Guide to Windows Security and Mac Privacy” is available for purchase through a number of channels. The book can be ordered via WebMinds, the company that published the book. In addition to that, “Shields Up!” can be purchased on, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. The list price of the paperback version of the book is $39.95, though there are frequent discounts. The PDF version costs $9.95 and can be downloaded here. In addition to that, the PDF version is offered as a complimentary add-on to everyone who purchases RegAce, a PC speedup and optimization suite from WebMinds.