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Everybody likes listening to music and music download and streaming websites are among the most popular site on the Web. But even though there is a lot of choice of bands and songs, you may get tired of the big names. And that’s when you start looking for new bands and artists. So, how about a website that not only lets you discover new music, but also pays you for listening, rating and reviewing songs? is a website that does exactly that.

slicethepieSlicethepie works together with its sister site, that lets bands and singers upload their music and get honest opinion from real people, get comprehensive reports and even get a chance to promote their best tracks on radio and send them to various music labels. As for Slicethepie, it’s a website that is joined by music fans who like to listen to new songs and leave ratings and reviews.

When you join Slicethepie, you can start reviewing music straight away. This is called scouting. The website pays you for each rating and review, provided that you meet the requirements and write meaningful reviews. The website is interested in your honest opinion, so that they can assess whether a track can become popular or not (they use your ratings and reviews to decide which artists should get financing to publish an album).

At first you will earn something like $0.05 per review, but as your experience and rank grows, your payment per review will increase and you will get up to $0.20 per review. Your payment is calculated by assessing the quality of your review, the quality of your rating and your base salary. Your base salary can be up to $0.03 and depends on your rank. The quality of your review is determined by its length and use of musical terminology, such as “melody”, “rhythm”, “instrumentation” and so on. As for the rating, you get more if you rating is consistent with the majority and you get less if it varies significantly. You might think that this is not fair, but think of it this way: Slicethepie wants to determine whether a song can become popular or not. That’s why the majority way of thinking matters. So you should base your reviews on whether you think that the song may become popular and not on you personal preferences.

Reviewing takes 90 seconds per song, which means that you can make quite a bit of money while relaxing and listening to music. If you don’t like the song, you don’t have to listen to it till the end – 90 seconds is enough. pays by PayPal and the minimum payout is $10. Payments can take 1-2 days to be processed because the editorial team checks some of your reviews for quality to ensure that they are not some gobbledygook.

[box]The Verdict: Slicethepie is a great website for music lovers that lets you discover new bands and earn money online. Join and start discovering![/box]