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Softros Network Time System Review

If you run a company and use multiple computers, security devices and network appliances, time maintenance problems can cause serious disruptions and even cause revenue loss. Softros Network Time System is a server/client software solution that will synchronize time across all your network and your devices automatically.


Softros Network Time System is Windows-based software for small and large businesses that allows IT professionals to set up a time synchronization for all kinds of networks. No matter whether you company uses small office LAN or complex VPN, WAN or VLAN networks, this software will ensure the time is set correctly on all of your computers and devices that are connected to the network.


Network Time System has all the features needed for corporate time sync:

  • Client/server architecture to configure time servers
  • Support for the most popular time protocols
  • Network-wide deployment and administrative control features
  • Customizable time zone and offset for keeping the time synced across different time zones
  • Support for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems

Licensing and Pricing

Softros Network Time System is free to try. License prices start at $229 for 1 server and 10 clients.

The Verdict: Softros Network Time System is a very useful client/server time synchronization tool that provides great time maintenance solution for businesses of all sizes.