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Sothink DVD Copy Review: DVD Decrypter and DVD Cloner in One App

This is a guest post by Olivia River

As a DVD movie lover, you can feel the pain when one of your favorite DVDs starts to freeze before it finally stops to play at all. You may frantically try to skip a certain scene a number of times just to find it fail over and over again.

Fortunately, this is something that can be easily avoided with DVD backup software, which can make perfect 1:1 copies of the original DVD disc. Not all DVD burners can handle all types of discs because of commercial protection, so your best bet is to get software that can handle CSS protections. Sothink DVD Copy is a program that you can use to back up all types of DVDs with ease.

Sothink DVD Copy Features

Sothink DVD Copy software meets our first benchmark because it can make a perfect 1:1 copy of any DVD disc, without any quality loss all by itself under its Clone/Burn mode. It can also remove all known DVD protections, which makes DVD backup a much easier task to accomplish.

Sothink DVD Copy

In addition to that, Sothink DVD Copy also offers a lot of other features. Apart from the above mentioned Clone/Burn mode, it has 5 other copy modes, which are Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Merge and Customize. In total, that’s 6 copy modes. Each copy mode allows users to do different things and ensures a great user experience.

Another quite practical feature of this DVD Copy software is that it lets users copy DVDs onto computer HDDs as ISO image files or DVD folders. This means that if you are running short of blank DVD discs, you can safely safe a disc image and burn it whenever you want. Or you can simply mount it with a virtual drive and watch the movie on your computer with a DVD player software.

The Verdict

As a summary, Sothink DVD Copy does exactly what we are asking for and for more beyond that. It can be very helpful to our daily entertainment life. Plus, it is very affordable, which costs only $56.99 for a lifetime subscription.