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Start Invoicing Review: Easy to Use Online Invoicing

We’ve already covered online invoicing services (Invoicera and Invoiceable) in the past and now we are going to tell you about another useful invoicing service – Start Invoicing.

[box]start invoicing logoFEATURES: 5/5

EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box]


Start Invoicing is a very intuitive and easy to use online invoicing service. Despite being easy to use, it has all the features you may need to manage your clients, products, send out invoices and estimates, and lots more. The service is relatively new, but it does look good.

start invoicing dashboard

Start Invoicing Dashboard


When it comes to functionality, Start Invoicing has all the necessary features for invoicing, client management, and cash flow management. The features are designed to fit the needs of a small business, but the service can also be used by freelancers and larger companies. Here is what Start Invoicing has to offer:

Online Invoicing

You can create and modify invoices, add estimates and quotes, add expenses and customize your invoices. All the features are easily accessible from the Dashboard.

Client Management

Client management options are a huge benefit of Start Invoicing. You can add clients, items or products, and even add services. In addition to that, you can archive clients, which is very handy for those who like keeping everything organized. Just like with the invoicing features, client management features are right there on your Dashboard, so you can access them really quickly.

Cash Flow Management

You can manage your cash flow online and always know where you stand. The reports are easy to read and your cash flow is updated automatically. You can track your daily results, check monthly cash flow, and even exclude certain transactions from the reports. In addition to that, you can include your draft and/or overdue invoices in the reports to get the whole picture.

You can also customize your profile, enter your taxes, brand your account and otherwise manage it via Settings. And you can track all the features and functions  from your Dashboard.

Ease of Use

Start Invoicing is really easy to use thanks to the Dashboard from where you can access all its features. All the features are very intuitive and configuring the settings is not a problem too.


Start Invoicing has four different pricing plans. The Free plan allows you to have up to five clients and send unlimited invoices.

The Basic plan costs $9/month and lets you have up to 20 clients. In addition to that, you can brand your invoices with your own logo and export them as PDFs.

The Standard plan cost $19/month. It has all the features available in the Basic plan and it allows you to manage up to 40 clients.

The Premium plan is $29/month and has unlimited clients and features.

When you first sign up, you get all the features of the Premium plan for a month for free. There is no contract and you are not required to submit your credit card details. When the period of one month expires, you are offered to upgrade to Premium or are downgraded to Free.

[box]The Verdict: Start Invoicing is a convenient small business accounting and invoicing service that has plans to suite everybody’s needs.[/box]