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Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review & Giveaway

There is nothing worse than losing all the data on your computer (that’s why I always recommend having backups). But sometimes backups don’t work or all you have backed up are your files. This means that your programs will be lost. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is the program that will rescue your disk. We have two licenses to give away to our readers (worth $99 each). Read on to find out how you can get this software for free.


Windows Data Recovery Professional is a feature-rich drive and partition recovery software that is designed to recover drives, partitions and removable media on Windows PCs. The professional edition is more advanced than Stellar’s Data Recovery for home users and has more powerful recovery features.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery


If you are familiar with partition recovery software, then you’ll see that Stellar Data Recovery has all the features that you may possibly need. It supports full drive recovery, can recover lost or damaged partitions, restore files from optical media (CDs, DVDs, etc.), and it can recovery all sorts of lost files including your Outlook and Outlook Express emails. That’s the standard part. And now the cool part – features I like best.

Raw Recovery

This feature is really handy because it searches for lost data on your drive based on file signatures.This is a deep data recovery feature that can save you even when your other attempts fail.

SMART Support

Stellar Data Recovery supports SMART technology, which means that it monitors your hard drive for potential damage and failures. You can always check your drive’s status and know where you stand in terms of disk health.

Disk Imaging

Disk imaging is a great recovery option because with its help you can restore not only your files, but your whole OS. Stellar supports disk imaging, so you can create some whenever you need them and recovery from them whenever the need arises.

System Startup Disk

This is a really cool feature because you can a bootable disc to recover your system even if the Master Boot Record got damaged. Very handy.

Hard Drive Cloning

Just like them name of the feature says, you can clone your hard drive to anywhere. For example, to an external hard drive. It will be a working copy, of course.

Ease of Use

Stellar Windows Data Recovery Pro has a very intuitive GUI. All right, it’s very green and a bit old fashioned in a cartoonish sort of way, but it is easy to use. The only thing I had trouble with was registering my copy of the program because I’m used to finding a registration link in the program’s settings. In case with Stellar, you need to click on the little “i” button and register from there.

The Giveaway

And now the best part – the giveaway. Here is what you need to do to win a copy of this awesome software:

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  2. Post a comment telling us why you think this software is awesome and why you need it

Winners will be selected based on their comments (may the best one win!) and contacted via email. So make sure you use a working email address to comment.

The Verdict

Stellar Data Recover Professional is a solid disk recovery software that every computer user would benefit from. Highly recommended.