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Stellar SpeedUp Mac Review

If you are looking for a good tool to speed up Windows, you’ll find a lot of awesome programs that can clean up, optimize and tweak your OS. But if you are a Mac use, there is not that much choice. It’s true the Macs don’t need as much cleaning up and maintenance as Windows PCs, but they can still benefit from using a good quality speedup program. Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a good option for Mac users.


OVERALL: 4.5/5



EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box]


Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a program designed to free up space and delete junk from Mac computers. It has several system cleanup tools that let you delete junk files, uninstall unneeded apps, remove the language files you don’t need, and manage your login items. It’s true that all these tasks can be done manually, but using SpeedUp Mac is a lot quicker and easier.

Speedup Mac

SpeedUp Mac Scan Results


Stellar SpeedUp Mac has a good range of tools for all sorts of disk cleanup. It can clean up cache files, log files, all sorts of system junk, unneeded language files and even duplicate files. In addition to that, SpeedUp Mac can handle your extensions and universal binaries. It also offers large file cleanup and has the tools to manage your login items and completely uninstall programs from your Mac.

The Uninstaller tool is worth a special mention because it lets you uninstall programs in such a way that no traces are left behind (for those who don’t know, when you delete an app on a Mac, a whole load of trash is left on your computer). This tool works great and makes uninstalling an app as easy as dragging and dropping it into the uninstaller window.

Using Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Stellar SpeedUp Mac has a very intuitive interface and even a novice user will feel comfortable with. It also offers one-click cleanup. That is great but only to some extent because cleaning up a Mac with Stellar’s tool isn’t as fool-proof as it appears to be. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great app and all of its tools work great (including the duplicate finder), but because it offers you to delete large files. Luckily, the program asks you to confirm the deletion and offers you to either move the large files in question and create and alias, or remove them permanently. So be careful and check the scan results before you run the actual cleanup. Also sometimes the scanner stops halfway through scanning for system junk for no apparent reason.

[box]The Verdict: Stellar SpeedUp Mac is a solid and easy-to-use tool to delete all sorts of junk from your Mac within minutes.[/box]