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TabScanner: Innovative Receipt Scanning Technology


Scanning receipts is a pain in the neck because there is no reliable technology to extract data from them. True, you can save scanned receipts as images or PDFs but what good does that do?

TabScanner is an innovative receipt scanning technology that sounds like it can be the game-changer.

What Is TabScanner?

TabScanner is a new technology that can be integrated with pretty much any check and receipt scanner, as well as mobile apps. The developers offer a cross-platform API that you can use any way you like.

Why Is TabScanner So Cool?

TabScanner has two main advantages over traditional receipt and check-scanning software: accuracy and speed. With its help, you can scan checks and receipts in under a second and the extracted data will be highly accurate. But the best bit is TabScanners usability – it promises to let anyone use¬†their receipt scanner from the smartphone and offers lots of options. For example, you’ll be able to scan a restaurant bill and immediately split it with your friends via an app. And if you’re a software developer, then you can easily add TabScanner to your app. The code is very clean.


TabScanner is still in its Alpha phase but it’s definitely the most innovative receipt scanner out there.