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The All-New DropShots: a Cool Way to Share Photos Privately

A while back we reviewed, a site that let offered simple photo sharing with friends and family (you can read that review here). Although it was a nice site in terms of functionality, it was far from perfect in terms of design and features. But now the new DropShots has a complete redesign and has become awesome. Read on to find out why.


DropShots is a photo sharing site with a difference and that difference is that DropShots lets you share your photos privately. True, you can do that on Facebook (mark albums as Friends Only or even add people who are allowed to view the photos one by one), but Facebook is a social network where you get distracted from photos by zillions of links and silly comments. The new DropShots is for photos and videos only and it has very flexible privacy options. Plus a lot of other goodies every photo enthusiast will enjoy. And it’s free.



DropShots has a lot of cool features that make it easy to upload, share, organize and edit your photos and videos. When you upload photos, they get automatically organized by date and there is a sidebar where you can easily navigate to any date when media was uploaded:

dropshots albums

Organize your photos

You can edit each album’s and each photo’s title, move photos between albums and download them back to your computer. By the way, if you have lots of photos on Instagram and Flikr, DropShots makes it easy to import them. Just click on respective icons in the top bar.

Privacy Settings

And now let’s look at DropShots’ privacy settings. They are a lot more flexible than other photo sharing sites offer (Flikr and Photobucket only let you protect stuff with a password). DropShots lets you choose whether you want your photos to be public, private, available to friends, or require a passcode. But that’s not the best part. The best part is that you can check a little checkbox and your photos will be hidden from the search engines. This is a really cool option if you don’t want your pictures to appear in Google Image Search. All privacy options can be configured under Settings:

privacy settings

DropShots privacy options

Photo Editor

With DropShots, you don’t have to be an Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop professional because DropShots includes a cool online photo editor that makes it easy to apply filters and enhance your photos. It’s very easy to use and the results are very good.

DropShots Editor

DropShots Editor

The Apps

Like all modern websites, DropShots is aware that a lot of people use their smartphones to browse the Web and share photos. So, DropShots offers an app for iOS users that makes it easy for people to manage their accounts from their iPhones and iPads. You can download the iOS app from the App Store for free.

In addition to the iOS app, there is a desktop app for Windows and Mac. This app supports bulk drag & drop uploading and automatically resumes interrupted uploads.


The new DropShots is all about sharing thing with your friends. You can now add friends on DropShots (just use Search to search for friends who already have a DropShots account), invite new people to join, and post comments on photos and videos. Plus you can share everything on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Ease of Use

The new DropShots is very easy to use. And I mean it – VERY. The new design and layout of the website is so intuitive that even your grandma will find her way around. But don’t worry, it’s not at all old-fashioned, so you’ll have lots of fun using DropShots.

The Verdict: the new DropShots photo sharing service is great, especially if you want to share photos privately. Yes, there are still things for the developers to iron out, but the site has made a tremendous progress and once again it’s my favourite place to share photos.