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Uscenes Fireplace Videos Review: Beautiful Virtual Fireplaces for the Holiday Season

What can be better than sitting by a fireplace during winter holidays? The warmth, the crackling of burning logs and the look of a fireplace fills you with bliss and makes the holidays truly memorable. But what if you don’t have a fireplace in your home? Download a Uscenes fireplace video and enjoy a real-looking and real-sounding fireplace on your TV or computer!

What Are Uscenes Fireplace Videos?

Uscenes is a great website where you can download and purchase premium videos and screensavers for your TV and computer. OK, I know what you’re thinking: “Just another screensaver site!”. Well, you’re wrong because a Uscenes fireplace video gives you so much more than a typical screensaver.

Christmas is almost here so let’s have a look at some Uscenes fireplace videos because it’s so nice to have your own virtual fireplace for the holidays and for whenever you wish. With a nice video, you can turn your TV into a lovely centrepiece for the holiday season. You could download a simple screensaver, but it just wouldn’t look good on an HD or Ultra HD TV because most screensavers are not designed for TV screens. Besides, ordinary screensavers don’t include original sound and only last a few seconds.

Uscenes fireplace videos are different because they are real high definition videos that last 20 minutes and include a real picture and real sound. They are filmed in Full HD or Ultra HD (4K), which means that they are perfect for even the highest quality TV screens of any size.

A Virtual Fireplace for Any Room and Occasion

fireplace video

Uscenes gives you a choice of 18 different fireplace videos. All of the fireplace videos have their own charm and there’s even a Christmas fireplace, which is perfect for the holidays. My personal favourite is their 4K fireplace because not only the fireplace design is great, but the video is of stunning quality. You can download it in different resolutions for a small fee starting from $5 (a computer screensaver is included with every video purchase) or you can get all versions for $35. There’s also a sale going on offering 70+ Full HD videos and 50 Ultra HD videos of fireplaces, aquariums and beautiful scenery for $149 instead of $299.

Why Ultra HD (4K)?

A lot of you may wonder why you may need an Ultra HD 4K screensaver for the TV – isn’t Full HD enough? Well, it is if you have a smaller TV. But if you own a large 4K Smart TV, you’ll really notice the difference when you play the Full HD version and the 4K version. The 4K fireplace screensaver is a video that’s shot with the maximum possible resolution and is four times bigger than the Full HD video. This means that only the 4K fireplace video will look great on large Ultra HD TVs.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a virtual fireplace this holiday season, 4K fireplace videos from Uscenes are a great and affordable choice.