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Wacom Intuos Comic: the Best Entry-Level Graphics Tablet

intuos comic review

A graphics tablet is something every artist who wants to try making digital art must have. With it, you can create amazing digital drawings, paintings, and tap into animation. But what if you don’t know which tablet to choose? This article will help you.

If you’re looking to buy your first ever graphics tablet, then you might feel overwhelmed with the number of makes and models to choose from. But just like with a lot of things, it’s best to google around and read some drawing tablets comparison reviews before you order your first tablet.

Alternatively, you can simply go with a trusted brand when you’re not sure what to buy. With graphics tablets, Wacom is always a good choice. Tablets made by Wacom are trusted by professional artists and amateurs alike and the company offers a wide choice of both pro and entry-level models. So, let’s have a look at Wacom Intuos Comic and see what it can do.


The Intuos Comic tablet is an upgrade of the Intuos model made back in 2015. Compared to the original, Intuos Comic is larger and has better sensitivity. The tablet remains very lightweight and sturdy, and it comes in pretty colours, just right for a budding comic or cartoon artist.


The Wacom Intuos Comic drawing tablet is a beautiful starter tablet for beginner comic and manga artists. It’s not a fully-fledged tablet with a display, but it’s definitely a professional choice thanks to its features and options.

First of all, Intuos Comic is the most affordable Wacom tablet you can find. And it’s pressure-sensitive, cordless and doesn’t need a battery. The active area is 6.0 x 3.7 in, it offers 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity and has a resolution of 2540 lpi. The tablet has express keys you can program and it supports multitouch. The Comic supports both Windows and Mac.

When you purchase Wacom Comic, you’ll get codes for Clip Studio Paint Pro (two-years limited use with an upgrade discount) and Anime Studio Debut 10. These apps are perfect for drawing manga and comics, as well as touching up your images. If you are a drawing artist, then these two will come in more handy than Adobe Photoshop.

Anime Studio (should really be called Manga Studio) is designed for creating comics, so you’ll see speech balloon tools, 3D reference materials, and screen tones. There are lots of customizable pens, brushes, textures, layers, etc to choose from.

In my opinion, the software bundle really makes Intuos Comic worth your money.

The Verdict

The Wacom Intuos Comic is the perfect choice for a comic and manga artist on a tight budget.