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WalkMe Apps: a New Free Resource for App Developers to Create Better Mobile Software Faster

Having a mobile app is a necessity for any business these days. Offering great user experience poses a major challenge for entrepreneurs and developers who want to create user-friendly, impactful, and effective mobile apps for their users. WalkMe Apps can help.

WalkMe Apps Front View

WalkMe, a San Francisco-based publisher of a platform that helps optimize user experience, launched a new portal that offers free tools to help developers improve their apps in a quick and easy way. This new portal is called WalkMe Apps and it enables app developers to focus on what they do best – developing the core software. WalkMe Apps simplifies improving user experience, reducing uninstalls by providing all the necessary tools – “applets”.

What are “Applets”?

Applets are standalone user engagement and monetization components that you can instantly integrate into any app without the need for any coding. This means that apps using applets don’t need to be resubmitted to the App Store or Google Play when any editing is done. This is very cool because it takes the pain out of adding components to an app. There are lots of different components one can use to ensure that their new app offers great user engagement and has everything needed to increase adoption rates, boost in-app purchases, and provide user satisfaction.

WalkMe Apps

Another nice feature is that developers can create their own applets and submit them for anyone to use.

Here’s what people are saying

Michael Kelter, founder of Vibo, and a beta user of WalkMe apps explained that the biggest pain point that Applets solve for him is that they allow to segment and set triggers to various actions in an easy and efficient way, which instantly placed him three steps ahead on the release cycle.

Daniel Azoulay, founder and developer of said that his favorite feature about WalkMe app was the ability to customize and deploy messages and special offers without the need to go through the long process of re-submitting versions to the App Store.

WalkMe apps is definitely a service mobile app developers should look into because it simplifies the development process and provides some very handy applets to improve user experience.