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WallApp Review: Preview Paintings and Photos in Different Rooms



Ease of Use





  • Easy to use
  • Good selection of rooms


  • Can't set artwork size
  • Images include a watermark

As an artist who showcases art on my own website (, I’ve been looking for a tool that would allow me to show potential clients how artworks look in a room. In the past, creating a virtual art preview room meant¬†using Photoshop, but now it has become really easy thanks to a tool called WallApp.


WallApp is a service by Oh My Prints, a print on demand website, that makes it amazingly easy to see how an artwork looks in different rooms. This tool is invaluable for artist and photographers because they can showcase their art in real interiors and thus help customers get a real idea of how an artwork would look in their room.

WallApp Features

WallApp has a very intuitive interface. All you need to do to preview art in a room is select the image of an artwork and drag & drop it to the dedicated area. The artwork will be uploaded in a matter of seconds and you’ll be able to view it in all WallApp rooms. You can resize the artwork by dragging its corner and drag it around the wall.

You can reset artworks to preview new ones, reset rooms and save the preview images (images contain a small watermark in the lower left corner).

wallapp art preview

A nice feature of the service is that you can upload a photo of your own room and then use it to preview artworks. Very handy when you’re considering ordering paintings for sale.

The Verdict

WallApp is a great tool for both artists and art buyers because it makes it so easy to preview art in any room. The only real downside is that you can’t set the artwork’s size, so that you never know if its dimensions will be the same in real life. Hopefully, Oh My Prints will fix that problem.