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Watermark Plus 1.5 for Mac Review: Customizable Batch Watermarking for Mac

As someone who’s really into photography, I’ve faced the problem of watermarking my images. There are hundreds of programs that let one watermark photos, but most of them are either too basic or too difficult to use. Watermark Plus 1.5 is a batch watermark program for Mac that lets you create and apply professional watermarks in a matter of seconds.





Watermark Plus is more than just a watermark maker – it’s a basic photo processing program that lets Mac users watermark, resize, convert and rename photos in bulk. There’s no need to use any other software and the watermarks Watermark Plus creates are simply beautiful.

Watermark Plus 1.5

Watermark Plus 1.5


Watermark Plus boast a healthy selection of features. Like I’ve already mentioned, it can bulk resize, convert and rename photos from/to all popular image formats (JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and more). In addition to that, it has a zoom function, so that you can examine your photos. But let’s talk about the actual watermarking.

Watermark Plus has 17 built-in watermarking profiles that let you brand your photos with superbly looking watermarks in literally one click. Just select the profile you like and the app will do the rest. You can also create and save your own watermark designs. The watermarks fit to different sizes of photos automatically, so you won’t have a problem where your watermark is too big for one image and too small for another. If you want to adjust watermarks on every photo, switch to Single Mode. And if you want to customize your watermarks, there are tons of possibilities for you to explore.

Ease of Use

Watermark Plus 1.5 has a clean and contemporary Mac-style user interface. It’s slick, beautiful and very intuitive. Take into account all one-click options the app offers, and it’s a great watermark app for Mac.


You can try Watermark Plus for free, but if you decide to buy the program, you’ll have to spend $19.90. This is not a bad price considering all the options the app offers.

The Verdict: Watermark Plus 1.5 is a beautiful, functional and easy to use watermark and resizing app for Mac. Highly recommended.