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Web Start Today Review: an Easy to Use Website Builder for Small Business

A Do-It-Yourself website builder is like a goldmine for small business owners. It presents new opportunities for growing your customers and business at minimum cost. There are a number of online website builders that offer diverse features to create professional looking websites easily and quickly. One such builder, Web Start Today, is relatively new in this business, but has started gaining momentum thanks to some of its interesting features. Let’s have a look at what makes Web Start Today stand apart from the rest.

[box]web start today logoFEATURES: 5/5

EASE OF USE: 5/5[/box]


Web Start Today offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface especially designed for non-technical users. This does not mean that it cannot create complex websites; the builder has all the features a more advanced user may need. The service is very affordable and offers a 30-day free trial period. In addition to that, Web Start Today has some unique features to help you build a world-class website in minutes and go live the same day without any hassle. You can easily get yourself registered on the website using your e-mail ID and start creating beautiful websites.

webstarttoday main

Web Start Today


Web Start Today has a lot of impressive website building features. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

Design Gallery with a Good Choice of Templates

Web Start Today has a huge design template gallery that is arranged by categories for the users to easily search for their specific business type. The template designs are professional, creative and attention-grabbing. All the template designs are available in various color themes, so that you can choose the one that best matches the nature of your business.

webstarttoday designs

Design Templates

Pre-populated Industry-specific Content

All the template designs come with search engine friendly and vertical-specific content to make the website building process a cakewalk for the non-professional users. Creating content for all the pages can be a tedious and time consuming exercise, but Web Start Today takes care of your essential content needs. The content is pre-populated with well-researched keywords that help index your website on various search engines and help it rank well. You have the option to edit the content and make it more personalized depending on your business requirements.

Easy Customization

You can quickly  customize your website using the simple editing tools of the builder. All you need to do is move your mouse over a selected area that you want to edit and click on the edit control button. You can add text, images, videos and audio files to your web pages and thus personalize your site.

webstarttoday edit

Edit your site

Managing Web Pages

You can easily add, delete and edit your web pages as well as change their order. It’s possible to convert main pages into subpages and subpages into main pages by simply dragging and dropping them where you want them.

webstarttoday manage pages

Manage pages

Affordable Pricing Plans

You can choose a billing plan that best suits your budget, from free to three years, and enjoy the benefits that come with each plan. The free billing plan is a good option, but it comes with a subdomain name e.g. All other plans include the cost of a custom domain name, which makes them a sound investment.

webstarttoday pricing plans


Business E-mail Accounts

You can easily set up a company e-mail account with your domain name to improve the credibility of your business.

Google Analytics

Web Start Today gives you the option to integrate with Google Analytics and keep track of the performance of your website.

Free Hosting and Monitoring

Web Start Today offers free hosting and 24X7 monitoring, which ensures that once your website is published, it will be up and running without any glitches.

Strong Customer Support

If you have any problems while creating your website or after publishing it, you can take advantage of the service’s support through various channels like live chat, support e-mail, help center, blog, and Nano Rep knowledge base. You can also open a support ticket from the Web Start Today website and get the issue resolved within 48 hours.

In addition to these features, Web Start Today offers professional Web designing and content services.

Ease of Use

Web Start Today is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need to know HTML, Web design or anything about how to build a website. Even a complete novice won’t have any problems creating a website through Web Start Today.

[box]The Verdict: all in all, the Web Start Today website builder is easy, quick and loaded with features to make it a popular choice among small business owners. However, there are few specifics that might make it unsuitable for your business needs like the free websites include advertisements and the interface is only available English. Keep in mind that the service is still in Beta, which means there might be some glitches and issues along the way.[/box]