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Wise Care 365 Giveaway: Clean Up and Speed Up Your PC

Update: the giveaway is over, but you can get Wise Care 365 with a 20% discount until Feb. 21. Click on this link to go to checkout and enter F41AD18FD4 as your coupon code.

Is your computer running slow? Nothing is as frustrating as a slow Windows computer (that’s why I’m a Mac user now). The bad thing about Windows is that it accumulates all sorts of junk. But the good thing about it is that it’s not too hard to speed things up if you have the right software. Wise Care 365 is a comprehensive PC cleaner that will make your computer faster and now you can get it for FREE! Read on to find out how to participate in our Wise Care 365 giveaway.

Why Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 is a comprehensive Windows speedup, cleanup and maintenance tool that actually has good user reviews on CNet and other software download websites. That’s rare because most cleaning tools with a registry cleaner don’t get good feedback from our fellow users. I’ve tried Wise Care 365 on my Windows computer and the results were good. Nothing got damaged and the laptop became noticeably faster (Windows 7).

wisecare giveaway

Wise Care 365 Giveaway

So, what does Wise Care 365 have to offer?


Wise Care 365 has pretty much all you need to get your computer running fast. There’s a PC Checkup tool that scans your computer and gives you a health index (very handy). You can check out what needs fixing and even configure Wise Care 365 to run on a schedule.

You can then move on to the cleaning and run the System Cleaner to delete all sorts of junk, move on to System Tuneup to optimize your Windows, and then use the Privacy Protector to protect your privacy. There’s also a System Monitor tool to help you stay updated with your system’s health. In addition to that, there are lots of cool additional utilities to fully optimize your computer performance.

I particularly like Wise Care 365’s interface and layout – very clean, contemporary and intuitive.

Wise Care 365 Giveaway

This week everybody can get Wise Care 365 for free from All you need to do is download this pre-activated installer:

[the giveaway is now over]

You must install and activate the software before 12 Feb. 2015. The giveaway license will be valid until 12 Aug. 2015. So don’t wait, download and activate your Wise Care 365 and spread the word about this giveaway!