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Yellowstone on a Motor Scooter: a Guide by Cheryl Probst

Visiting a national park like Yellowstone is always a challenge. But discovering it on a motor scooter is something that you should plan very carefully and get lots of information about things like transporting your scooter, riding it, filling up with gas and so on.
“Yellowstone on a Motor Scooter” by Cheryl Probst will tell you all you need to know about riding your scooter in Yellowstone.

Yellowstone on a motor scooter review

Yellowstone is America’s most-loved park

Yellowstone is America’s most-loved national park. It’s also one of the oldest and largest in the world. It’s a place of outstanding natural beauty, which mean that you’d want to see as much of it as you can. Riding a scooter gives you lots of options and allows you to explore all parts of Yellowstone at your leisure.

Cheryl Probst is an author who loves travelling and loves doing that on her motor scooter. Perhaps that’s why her Yellowstone guide is so comprehensive and has bits of valuable information for a fellow scooter rider that you won’t find anywhere else. Probst guides you through everything, from the beginning to the end of your trip. She provides suggestions about how to transport your scooter and make sure it arrives to Yellowstone in great condition. She tells you what sort of scooter you need to have to be able to ride uphill (there are some steep roads in Yellowstone) and she suggest the best routes for you to take. The best bit about the suggested routes is that they are designed in such a way that you won’t have to ride uphill too much. Do some of the routes the other way round and you might start riding backwards at one point. Like I said, Yellowstone is a hilly place.

Probst also pays lots of attention to things like where to find gas and how much you will need. Following her advice should keep you going, especially if you get a canister with some extra fuel as she suggests. She also provides information about scooter repair places in Yellowstone, which other Yellowstone guides don’t mention. Plus there are bits of practical advice about what to wear, which places to visit and so on.

“Yellowstone on a Motor Scooter” is the only guide of its kind. So if you are thinking about riding through Yellowstone, reading this guide is essential.

“Yellowstone on a Motor Scooter” is available on GuideGecko in full color with illustrations and on Amazon as a text only version.