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Zenni Optical: Quality Glasses, Low Prices

If you wear glasses, then you know how expensive good quality glasses are. You can easily spend a couple of hundred dollars on a pair. And if you have a more or less complicated prescription, then the price goes up. But it is possible to get quality eyeglasses at a ridiculously low price and Zenni Optical proves that.

Zenni optical review[box]ZENNI OPTICAL RATING:


PRICE: 5/5

SHIPPING: from $4.95[/box]

Zenni Optical Review

Prescription eyeglasses is something most people never think of buying online. And that’s understandable – if your prescription is messed up or the glasses are of low quality, the glasses are useless and your money is wasted. That’s why you need to think twice before ordering glasses online.

Zenni Optical is a company that specializes in inexpensive, yet good quality glasses. The glasses are made in Hong Kong, which is why they are so affordable. Another affordability factor is the frames – none of them are designer frames, but rather frames made specifically for Zenni. Same goes for lenses. The important bit is that the quality is very good, which is very important when it comes to your eyes.

Zenni screenshot

Zenni screenshot

 Styles provides a vast choice of frames and styles. There are frames for everyone and for every occasion. You can choose from plastic, alloy, rimless and semi-rimless frames of all shapes and sizes. Even if you are looking for the latest fashion styles, Zenni has them. There is an amazing choice of super-trendy hipster glasses and there are even seasonal offers with seasonal prints.


Zenni Optical do all sorts of lenses with all sorts of coatings. 1.57 Index single vision lenses come free with every order. Anti-reflection coating is available for $4.95 extra. You can also do type of a tint and order prescription sunglasses. People with high level of myopia can choose thinner and lighter high index lenses. Zenni also caters for people needing bifocals, progressives or varifocals.


When I first ordered from Zenni, I was a bit nervous about the quality of their glasses. I have myopia and astigmatism in both eyes, so it’s really important to get the axis exactly right. When I received my glasses, they felt really good (looked good too). But I decided to take them to my optician and check them. I was very pleased that my optician said that the prescription was done correctly and both the lenses and the frame were of good quality.

Zenni Frame Fit

This is a feature that is worth mentioning. A major problem when you want to buy glasses online is that you can’t really try them on. Well, Zenni found a pretty good solution to this problem. This solution is called Zenni Frame Fit. When you create your Zenni account, you are invited to upload a photo of yourself. I’ve found that passport photos work best. You are then asked to put little dots where your eye pupils are and specify your PD. Once that’s done, Zenni lets you try different frames to see how they look on you. I’ve found Zenni Frame Fit pretty accurate and a great help. The only thing I was disappointed about was that you can’t specify that you are trying sunglasses – all frames are shown with clear lenses.


Like I said before, Zenni Optical prices are hard to beat. You can buy complete glasses for as low as $6.95 per pair plus shipping. This price doesn’t include anti-reflective coating, which costs $4.95. Even so, Zenni glasses are amazingly affordable. There are more expensive and more stylish frames, but very few of them cost more than $30. For example, a stylish hipster frame is $12.95 and most rimless glasses are $19. Various add-ons, such as sunglass tint, are very reasonable too ($4.95).  As for photochromic lenses, they cost as low as $19. High index or varifocal lenses are more expensive, but that’s to be expected. In any case, they are a lot better value than anything you can buy at your local opticians.

A nice touch is that you get a complimentary case, microfiber cloth and anti-scratch coating with every order.

Shipping prices are a pleasant surprise too. You only pay once per order, no matter how many pairs you order. US shipping costs only $4.95 and international shipping starts at $9.95. There is also an option to order FedEx shipping if you want to get your glasses faster.

[box]The Verdict: Zenni Optical is a great place to buy prescription eyeglasses online. Don’t be afraid to order through them, as every single pair of glasses is made to very high standards.[/box]